Best Smoky Eye Makeup!


Hi there! I’m Jenny Kay Provance.

In this popular oldie but goodie tutorial, I teach you how to do the best smokey eye makeup step-by-step!

Smoky Eye


To create this look, use:  GORGEOUS EYES BRUSH SETBrush

Products used in this tutorial: Nylon Eyeshadow by MAC, Antiqued Eyeshadow by Mac, ELF 100 shadow palette, Bengali Eyeshadow by Nars, SXY Black Eyeliner, Carbon Eyeshadow by Mac, Ultimate Mascara by Mary Kay, Define-A-Lash Volume Mascara by Maybelline, Taupe Contour Powder by Mac, Pinch Me Blush by Mac, Concealer Stick by Essence, Mauvy Night Lipstick by Revlon, Special thanks to Danielle Minnela for her Hollywood lashes tip!

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Brown Smoky Eyes

Smoky Eyes

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Jenny Kay Provance is a professional makeup artist and fashion blogger at Live She's a TV spokesmodel and has appeared on several television commercials.


  1. Loved watching your video! I’ve never had luck with mascara..your mascara trick works beautifully! Thanks!

    • Hi Sarah! I have brushes from every brand out there. A great place to get nice but cheap brushes is It’s not the most user-friendly site, but the brushes are so cheap, who cares! Let me know if you have questions on specific brushes. Have the best day! -Jenny

  2. Okay, so I am 14 years old and a freshmen in high school and I want to try some new things with eye shadows and eye liners but I don’t want to look too mature. Do you have some tips for teens?

    • Hi Jamie! You’re great for wanting to try new things but still looking your age! Being young is awesome! Here’s my advice: You don’t want to look too harsh and heavy so instead of dark black eyeliner, try more natural colors like browns for school. But on the weekends, have some fun by experimenting with fun shades like purples, metallics, and teals! Let me know how it goes! <3 Jenny

  3. Love,love, love the way this looked gorgeous but not too much! Plus how you blended it you made so much simpler I am going to being using this look for sure. So great that you said each color and brand for makeup and brushes, which I will be picking up ASAP. Thank you so much! I would like to see how you do a darker smoky eye for when you go out too though with some dark, dark grey colors.

  4. Jenny thank you so much ive been trying to find a tutorial for the smokey eye but this is the best video by far. so pretty and so helpful! thanks!

  5. I’m a brown-eyed girl…dark chocolate brown. I’ve always struggled with eyeshadow, playing it safe with only brown shades. Watching your video was a real “eye opener,” pun intended!!! It’s great to know I can branch out and wear other colors!!!! Thank you, thank you!!!!

  6. jenny, can you do a tutorial with a model who doesn’t have such a beautiful brow bone? Yours are so pretty, but my eyelids are small and my brow bone is literally under my eyebrow so it makes everything different.

  7. It took me 10 yrs of trial and error to learn many of your tips, however; I learned a couple great new ones from you tonight. THANKS love the cupid bow highlighter tip. You have such a great delivery too…good luck to you!

  8. Thank you so much for the excellent tutorial. I’ve never worn makeup, until My 40’s and I’ve been searching for someone to teach me how to apply and you met my needs, I appreciate your great tutorial. I’ll be sharing with my friends. have a wonderful day

  9. love love love!!!! this makeup is beautiful!!! come to my house and do my make up everyday!!!! you are awesome.

  10. Just wondering is that your natural eye color? THey are beautiful. I have brown eyes and am looking for great colored contacts and have not yet found a brand.

    • Hi Tricia! Yes it is my natural eye color, and I don’t know really anything about colored contacts. Sorry! Anyone else have some recommendations for Tricia? But don’t forget that brown eyes are AMAZING! You’re so lucky to have a neutral eye color so you can wear ANY colors of eyeshadow and eyeliner and it will look good! I love brown eyes. -Jenny

  11. That was great! Thank you so much! It was exactly what I needed….step by step! :)
    I will be looking for more of your videos.

  12. Great tutorial! :) A mascara that I REALLY think you should try/show is “They’re Real!” by Benefit. Absolutely THE BEST mascara you will ever use. The brush is a bit different than most and it can feel weird, but it does amazing things for you. Totally worth the $20. You can find it at Ulta. :)

  13. I can’t wait to try this, you are so awesome and instructing the smokey eye!!! The tips were amazing and I hope I can achieve what you have done in this video!!! Thanks so much!!!

  14. Really enjoyed watching this video…can’t wait to try those tricks :)
    This smokey eye is beautiful…Love love love it!!! Thanks so much

  15. HI Jenny,
    I just discovered your utube vids and I think you’re awesome! Love your smokey eye, the makeup tips, and your fun personality!

  16. You are stunning, so beautiful. I wish I could apply my make up like that. You make it look so easy. I never know what make up and tools are the best

  17. I’ve noticed you use a lot of the same brushes more than once in other tutorials as well. I was wandering, do you clean them out or what do you do so that you can keep using them without accidentally mixing colors or having traces of color from maybe yesterdays eyeshadow ending up in your eyes from today’s color of choice? P.S. Love your videos!

  18. Hello dear, really enjoyed your demo!
    I’m 66. I’m lucky and my skin hardly wrinkled. Only slightly drooping eyelid margin.
    My eyes color is green tinged with yellow, and I would like a demonstration on how to make up pretty even with eyelids nonsense.
    Thanks in advance,

  19. So gorgeous!!
    I always say I have “no eyelids” because they’ve always drooped and putting on eyeshadow has ALWAYS been difficult. Can you show/tell me how to do this on a smaller eyelid? Is it even possible?

  20. I just discovered your website – love it! Could you tell me the brand name of the bullet brush you were using on the outer edge of your eyelid? I’d really love to get it. Thank you so much for your wonderful videos!

  21. love this!! would it be possible for you to show us tips on how to put on makeup for asian women? most of us have oily skin and smaller eyes :) thank you!!

  22. Blonde and Blah on

    I loved your smokey eyes!
    I have large BLUE eyes, so I like to put the focus on them. My problem is i’m a natural blonde… what eyelashes, eyebrows are there somewhere.
    The smokey eyes seem to all ways use brown eyed women, or if the woman has blonde hair she will still have brown eyes.

    Would you do one of us true blondes, the ones without skin color, eyelashes, and eyebrows that anyone can see.
    :) thanks so much

  23. Loved the Video!! Thanks a load for the tip on lashes!! I also agree with the comment from malou confesor above, We Asians have oily skin and thin lids.. and smaller eyes proportionately.. So it would be really great if you could cover that area in a tutorial please!! Thanks a lot again!!

  24. I love your videos! Just wondering if you can give me a list of the brushes used in this video?

    Thanks so much!

  25. Loved the step by step turorial!! So many times they show the look without the steps and the actual eye shadow colors!! Also the tip on Mascara was great. Can’t wait to watch the other tutorials that you have done!! Keep up the good work!!

  26. Thank you very much for all great tips!!! I will be watching your videos often for new tips/ tricks!! Your a wonderful makeup

  27. Wow, you are a GREAT teacher! I can’t wait to try these techniques! And yay for highlighting Mary Kay’s brush & mascara! I love the Ultimate. I’ve been using MK since I was 15! I’m definitely going to be visiting your site often for more tips & tricks – thanks for the tutorial :)

  28. Thank you for sharing this! I loved watching your video! I’m just a little nervous that I might not be as good but you made it look so easy. Thank you for sharing! =)

  29. hey Im 15 and have blue eyes. what colors would look best to bring out my eyes while not looking too old?

  30. Thanks so much for the wonderful tutorial! I was wondering if you had a lesser intense smokey eye. I’m all about playing up the natural beauty and think your eye look was beautiful but too much / dark for me. Do you have one that uses lighter colors? BTW, i’m also very faired skin, think almost the lightest ivory foundations you can find. Thanks!

  31. Careprost Lashes on

    Hello. I love you videos. Do you mind if I post some of your videos on my Facebook page?

  32. love your tips and the fact that you use Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara :) Do you have any tips for purple smokey eye and a transfer resistant lip for my upcoming wedding?

    • Hi Laura! Congratulations! I’m getting married soon too. Here is a smokey eye you could try. This one is for grey, but if you substitute some light and dark purples, it should look fabulous! I’m hoping to make a specifically purple smokey eye tutorial in the next few weeks too.

      And here are some tips for long lasting lipstick. Also, try doing layers of lipstick. I’m planning on using Revlon Mauvy Night lipstick for my wedding. So put on the lipstick, and then blot your lips with a tissue. Put on another layer, and blot with tissue. You could do three layers or so. Then put on a moisturizing chapstick. This is what I did when I got my engagement photos taken and the color lasted, and my man didn’t get lipstick all over his face! :)
      Let me know what else I can do to help!
      love, Jenny

  33. I love your smokey eye video! I would like to transfer the colors to a dark pink smokey eye or a cranberry smokey eye to go with my prom dress but I’m not quite sure how to transfer the colors. Do you have any suggestions?

    • Hi Alli! I would recommend applying a warm pink in the crease and on the eyelid. Then add cranberry in the crease and to the outer corner. If you want to make it darker or more dramatic, you can add a dark brown in the crease and the outer corner too. Blend blend blend! Let me know if you have more questions! Love, Jenny

  34. Thank you for this tutorial. It’s awesome!!! I’m going to try this. But maybe with some changes with the products because I don’t have them all :) I am going to follow you in Pinterest!

  35. Wow love love this!!! Is it possible to still get those brushes for the price of one? Also, could you tell me what pallet(s) you have that you used for the eyes and blush from Mac? I’m wanting to get them. Thanks and love your tutorial!!

    • Hi Rendi! I got my Mac pallets when I attended makeup artistry school, so I didn’t design them myself. But I can tell you some of my favorite colors in them!: Eyeshadows: Nylon, Omega, Carbon, Sketch, Brun, Antiqued.
      My Cheeks pallet: Taupe, Pinch Me, Pink Swoon, Gingerly.

      And yes, you can still get the full set of brushes for the price of one! Here’s where you can order:

      Have a gorgeous day! Love, Jenny

  36. Great video…..will definately try to add some of this to my weak make up routine. Thanks.

  37. I am a new Mary Kay beauty consultant and would love to recreate the smokey eye look using MK colors. Which colors would you recommend I use? Thanks in advance for your suggestions! :)

    I loved your video! :)

    P.S. Love the tip about using concealer on lips! I would have never thought about doing that!

  38. I love your makeup tutorials! Could you do one on a fresh faced natural look? I need something not so dramatic for work, but still want to look pretty. Ya know what I mean?

  39. love the video I am a 50 year old women that has 1 eye that waters a lot. Also I have blond eye lashes do I need to use black or brown to make them look long and thick

  40. Thanks for the tutorial. I had a function to attend and tried it step by step and got some compliments. Was not as perfect as yours but tried my best and I think my eyes popped in the process.

  41. that was totally awesome! im kirstine from philippines and i really loved to join a beauty pageant and oh! thanks god i’ve watch your video so i have learned lots about how to create a beautiful and gorgeous look everytime i joined a pageant..thanks so much and god bless 😉

  42. Loved this tutorial, your instruction, your beautiful look and your great tips! I would love to do the smokey eye but at 56, my lids are not so smooth anymore. I usually try to stick with matte shadows but they are hard to find. Would you do a tutorial for women with older eyelids? Also, what is your opinion on lip plumpers?