Hater’s Gonna Hate, So Be Like A Duck!


Here’s my tip of the day:

“When people say mean things or act negative toward you, be like a duck and let it sliiiide like water off your beautiful back.”

I have to admit, this is something I’m working on. When people say hurtful things, I sometimes take it personally. The more we ladies build our confidence and recognize our worth, the easier it is to let negative criticism slide off us like water off a duck’s back. Water off a duck's back And I love this quote my Aunt Tanda shared with me. When people don’t treat you right, “be an eagle and soar to the top!” Hater’s gonna hate, so shake it off, right?! What do you do to stay positive and maintain your confidence when people criticize you or send negativity your way?

Life Adventures Update:

Guy Fieri's Las Vegas BurgerLast week, my husband Adam and I got to spend the weekend in Las Vegas with my brothers and their wives. It was a spectacular trip! We laughed hard and made some wonderful memories. 600 We saw Cirque du Soleil, ate incredible food, smelled the flowers at the gorgeous Bellagio gardens and went hiking. Colorful tulips

Jenny Flowers Black Dolman Top: HERE Plum Skirt: HERE Black Strappy Wedges: HERE


Oh and we randomly met some Osmond brothers who ended up giving us backstage passes to their show. It was great!

Osmond Show

Osmond Brothers Show

Jimmy Osmond

Jimmy Osmond

I posted photos of our incredible Las Vegas hikes too. I love life’s adventures!




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