Make your REAL LASHES LOOK Fake!


Live Gorgeous TV Makeup Artist Jenny Kay teaches you how to make your real lashes look fake:

1. Line the root of your eyelashes with eyeliner
2. Curl your eyelashes
3. Use a brush to dust your eyelashes with translucent powder
4. Put on mascara
5. Second coat of mascara – try waterproof for this one

Adding translucent powder to your eyelashes with a fluffy blender brush before mascara makes them look thicker and longer! WOW!

Products used in this tutorial:

LG Fluffy Blender







I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! See you tomorrow!







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Special thanks to makeup artist Danielle Minnela for this tip.
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Jenny Kay Provance is a professional makeup artist and fashion blogger at Live She's a TV spokesmodel and has appeared on several television commercials.


  1. to remove my mascara i only use grapeseed oil.
    i made the mistake of leaving mascara on when i went to bed for too may nights and lost alot of lashes.
    now they are growing back. the grapeseed oil
    removes waterproof mascara easily and gently its alos a good moisturizer

  2. Wow! This works so good! I’m amazed how good this turned out! Thanks for the tip!

  3. White translucent powder is like, the setting powder for face makeup. The powder is white, but goes on clear. I assume it will help the mascara grasp on and not smear. And, no, I don’t think white eye shadow would be a great choice because it will show white on your lashes!!

  4. for my eyelashes i do à thin natural masscara and let it dry . then , i use a Nice thickening mascara (Maybellene Falses works great) then i use an empty massca brush (save the ones from the masscarà you throw away ) and comb out any clumps standing very close to the rootsof the eyelashes and working your ray out lastly coat with the thin natural mascara again and voilà beautiful big lashes (curl at thé beggining and at the end if ou want )

  5. I’ve always been able to maintain my own long lashes with a great eye lash curler and two types of mascaras. I just buy the curler from Sally’s that has the curler refills. I curl my lashes before and after. I always use a waterproof first for the length and then I put a regular mascara with volume over it. I wait for it to dry and re curl them so they can stay up. The waterproof is the trick. There’s an ingredient that holds up your lashes up way better than the non proof. Worked for me for years since I was 15. I never had to use powders or those white coats. I’m 41 and I always get asked what mascara I use. Its not the brand its just how you use it.

  6. I love the look of her eyes. My problem is that my eyeliner runs. Is there anything I can do to prevent this? Also what is the purpose of the translucent powder? My audio was not working for this tutorial, sorry.

  7. I just started this routine and I live by it. After I remove my eye make-up before I go to bed I put a little Vaseline on my finger and put in underneath my lashes, the next day after I shower and put on my make-up, I put on my mascara and my lashes look thicker and I don’t need as much layers of mascara.

  8. I use baby powder!! Works FANTASTIC!! A little goes along way. Just tap some on you’re wrist, grab a small brush sweep across your lashes, it gets the job done. No need for the brand name stuff, does the same thing.

  9. I like to curl my lashes after putting some mascara on, so I dust the eyelash curler so it won’t stick to my lashes, curl and then add another coat of mascara.

  10. The heated eyelash curlers (the ones that look like a tube of mascara that you press against your lashes) work really well for holding the curl. Even for touch ups. Denise, sooo right about the waterproof mascara. I’ve used the baby powder on my lashes, works great. Tammy, AWESOME idea to dust the curler!!!!! can’t wait to try it.!! Love the tips, xoxo

  11. Great tips! I love this! For those that aren’t very familiar with an eyelash curler, it’s always best to curl lashes BEFORE adding mascara. Using it after applying mascara can very easily end up pulling lashes out, or just be careful when pressing making sure not to “drag” the curler and releasing immediately after pressing down firm in one spot. Also using baby powder is a great alternative to translucent powder. I pour a little on my wrist then lightly roll a q-tip in the powder and sparingly dust across my lashes. I make sure to cover the entire length of my lashes with the mascara from root to tip. After that, I’ll coat the brush again with mascara and move the brush sideways across roots of lashes and tips of lashes concentrating mostly on outer lashes. This spreads them evenly and gives a thicker appearance. Lastly, I’ll coat the brush one more time and brush out the outer tips again to help wing them out. The darker the outside tips are the longer your lashes will look. For me, I always have a little baby powder that has fallen on to the tops of my cheeks from my lashes. As I dust it off I’ll allow a little to blend in with the rest of my face makeup as it creates a subtle highlighter for the top of my cheeks.

  12. What do you do when you are over 50 and don’t have many lashes LEFT and what you do have are VERY short?

    • Awwww sorry Dani. I know some people in that situation do apply fake lashes, even if it’s just a few individual ones. There are some products out there which claim to make your eyelashes grow, which I haven’t tried. But I think the best thing you can do is apply your eyeliner in a ‘smokey’ way, meaning smudge it out, so it’s not a harsh line. Or apply eyeshadow as your eyeliner with a small angled brush. Make it look smokey and smudgy. Let me know how it goes! -Jenny

    • Dani, I really hope i can help you out here. I used to have very long thick lashes. In my 20’s they started falling out, sometimes in clumps leaving huge gaps on my eyelid, they would grow back , and then start falling out again. They never came back as long and thick. This went on for about 30 years. Then i tried one of the lash growth products and I found that it really did work. The one i used was RapidLash. It goes for about $50.00 (CVS) or can be found cheaper at times like When I used this faithfully, my lashes stopped falling out, GREW back in the bare spots and I thought even a little longer and thicker. Then I started using coconut oil to remove mascara and haven’t had any lash lose.. Ohh, I also tried Smartlash eyelash enhancer, that worker pretty good too, although I did prefer the Rapidlash. Give it a try. hope to hear back from you. xoxo

  13. To curl your lashes try holding your eyelash curler by your heat vent in your car or a low setting on your hairdryer…make sure its not to hot, then curl. You may have to reheat after the first ones.
    I have always had short almost non-existing lashes…then after wanting it for over a year I asked my husband for it for christmas and I saw results before valentines day….so worth the money…they almost look like fake ones now!

  14. You might want to get your thyroid checked also. :) I don’t have bare spots in my lash line now that I take a low dose thyroid medicine. :) Hormones can be an issue too.

  15. Instead of purchasing a heated eyelash curler, I GENTLY heat my regular eyelash curler with my blow dryer. About 3 seconds max. You can lightly dust them with translucent powder, apply mascara, comb them out with a metal eyelash brush, and apply a second coat about 30 seconds later.

  16. I have a hard time curling my left eyelashes, it seems as if I cant position the curler in the right place. Any tips?

  17. A simple tip I do to make my lashes appear fuller is I put my mascara on the back and front of my lashes.