TG 003: Smart Business: Massages at Work


Welcome to the Thrive Gorgeous Podcast! I’m Jenny Kay Provance. This show features stories of successful women. My mission is to help women achieve their dreams and feel confident. In the first part of each episode, we talk about THRIVING. And the last part, we talk about how to feel GORGEOUS.

In this episode #3, you’ll hear my interview with Amelia Wilcox, founder of Incorporate Massage.

She is brilliant!

Amelia’s company has grown incredibly fast, and Amelia was recently named as on of the “40 Under 40” in the Salt Lake area. In this interview, Amelia offers you some excellent advice on how to stay organized, balance work and family and she tells you why getting massages is so good for you! (And listen for her response when I ask her what it’s like to massage a stinky person! I was just curious!) PLUS Amelia has a special GIVEAWAY for you toward the end of the show, so listen for that! You can get the link to Amelia’s website and more information in the show notes below.

Push play below to listen to my interview with Amelia Wilcox

Thrive Gorgeous Podcast


– Amelia’s company uses Hubspot for internal communications, customer service and scheduling.
– She recommends getting mentoring through SCORE (Service Core of Retired Executives)
– To get 50% off massage services for your office, go to and let them know you are a Thrive Gorgeous Podcast listener.
-Amelia mentioned she is a part of an entrepreneurial program through Goldman Sachs.

I hope you enjoyed this episode. Here are my outfit & makeup details! (When I post a photo or video, I’m often asked to share what I’m wearing, so here are the links:)

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