TG 004 : Why Confidence is Beautiful, and How to Get More of It


Hi, I’m Jenny Kay Provance. Welcome to Episode #4 of the Thrive Gorgeous Podcast. In the first part of each episode, we talk about THRIVING. And the last part, we talk about how to feel GORGEOUS.

In the episode below, you’ll hear my interview with Lynn Manning. Lynn is a women’s health and fitness expert, speaker, author and owner of She is wife and mother of two little girls, and loves creating recipes and home workouts for women.

In our interview, Lynn offers some great advice for women getting started in business. She teaches the steps to publish your own e-book on Kindle. And best of all, she speaks about the importance of confidence (the way she feels gorgeous) and how to build more of it. Toward the end of the interview, she gives you a COUPON CODE you can use to get a big discount on her recipes, workouts and meal plans, so listen for that. I will put a link to Lynn’s website, that discount code and her recommended positive affirmations in the show notes below.

Press play to listen to my interview with Lynn Manning:

Thrive Gorgeous Podcast

Show Notes:
-Here’s a link to Lynn & Drew & Lynn’s Book FIT2FAT2FIT

-Here’s a link to Lynn’s book, Fit & Healthy Family: How to Improve your Family’s Health with Proven Techniques, Tips and Yummy Recipes

-To create her book cover, Lynn used Fiverr
-To feel confident and beautiful, Lynn recommends women say these three affirmations out loud every day:
“I am beautiful. I love my body. I will make healthy choices today.”

-Lynn said fitness isn’t necessarily her passion. Her passion is to help women love themselves more, and she does that through fitness.
-When it comes to business advice, Lynn offered: “Believe in yourself. Be passionate. Just dive in.”
-When it comes to fitness, Lynn said to “shoot for progress, not perfection”
-Lynn offered 40% off her recipes, workouts and meal plans, when you use her discount code “ FRIEND40  ” at

Lynn is awesome! I hope you enjoyed this episode!

And here are my outfit/makeup details for my look today:

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I have many more interviews with amazing women coming soon. To listen to more episodes of the Thrive Gorgeous Podcast, click HERE.
Have a gorgeous day!
Love, Jenny


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