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“My biggest advice to women is to not look at each other as competition…We should help each other out… There’s enough to go around.”                 – Jennifer Borget

Welcome the Thrive Gorgeous Podcast! I’m Jenny Kay Provance. On this show I feature stories of accomplished women who offer advice on achieving success and building confidence. In each episode, we talk first about THRIVING. And then we talk about how to feel GORGEOUS.

Today’s show below features my good friend, Jennifer Borget. She’s had an impressive career as a news anchor and reporter. She also writes a popular blog, – where she’s blogged for years about preparing for motherhood, her pregnancies, and now balancing her time as a wife, mother and journalist. (Her kids are absolutely ADORABLE by the way.) Big publications pick up her stuff all the time, including the Today Show and the Huffington Post. In this episode, Jennifer shares some great advice for moms and bloggers, and talks about why she thinks women shouldn’t feel competitive toward each other. I will link to Jennifer’s blog and publications in the show notes below.

Press play below to listen to my interview with Jennifer Borget:

Baby Making Machine Thrive Gorgeous Podcast Interview

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Show Notes:

-To print your blog & photos: try Blurb
-Here’s when she was featured on the Today Show
-Here’s one of her stories on the Huffington Post website
-Here’s her story on Mashable
-To learn more about Jennifer Borget, check out

I hope you enjoyed this episode! I have many more interviews with amazing women posting soon.

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