You’ll see what you look for. Look for the good!


Do you know someone who ALWAYS complains about the weather, no matter what the weather is? Too hot. Too cold. Rainy. Too humid. Too windy. Too dry. Too sunny. Here’s a lesson I learned from my dad. When he was a boy, it was chilly and gloomy outside. When he complained about it to his dad, my grandpa said, “What? No! This is great FOOTBALL WEATHER!” Grandpa saw the positive in the weather that day. From then on, my dad looked for the beauty and opportunities in every day, no matter what the weather.

Choose to see positive

After looking for the positives in the chilly Winter, now it’s time to enjoy Spring! I love the mild temperatures and fresh air! My husband Adam and I enjoy going to this duck pond near our home, and we fed the duckies this past weekend. There are the funniest honking geese, and there’s even a beautiful pelican couple!


Outfit ideasOutfit Details

My rule for the year is I’m only allowed to buy and wear clothes that are comfortable and affordable! I’m currently in love with Dolman shirts, so I ordered a bunch of different colors (mint, red, lavender, and black. I’ll soon be ordering brown). They are light for Spring and Summer, and I love the way they fit. They’re flattering on every body type because the sleeves are flowy and the waist is ruched, so they hide any lines or bulges. Today I wore jeggings, because seriously, how can you go back to jeans after wearing jean leggings? And no more uncomfortable shoes for me! I got rid of all my blister-causing footwear and am stocking up on comfortable wedge sandals like these. Happy Spring!

Mint green blouse

Mint Dolman top

 Blouse | Pants | Shoes | Earrings | Necklace | Watch | Bracelet | Lipstick “Passionate”


Dolman shirts



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